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     What is your favorite tactic to get the big Bulls?  Is there a target temp or is it more the time of year?  Whar is your favorite jig, color, line,  bobber?


try this and youll get a good fight it works for me a t levittown lake use a cler bobber filled with water or a casting bubble and 3 or 4 feet behind use a mesquito pattern dry fly or probably any dry when you see fish at the surface and have fun ive had them hitting the bobber and the wack the fly aslo works for crappie but with a beadhead hares ear nymph  ;) :)

I like to use a mister twister or tube jig and just cast and jig it back.  I also like a maribu crappie jig on a bobber.  Tip it with a little piece of worm.

Somewhere around the end of March we whack the bulls in the shallows for a few weeks at least.I've always wanted to note the temp.but hav'nt.They seem to be on the north shore the most,and if you can find some submerged limbs/brush along the shore you are in business.Then they seem to disappear for awhile,until summer spawning.Actually when they "disappear" we find them along weed edges 17-20ft of water.Or submerged trees at the same depth.

I ussually get the big ones on fahead minnows while fishing for perch or crappie  just seems like the bigger ones can suck in that big minnow i also flyfish for them with a misquito or a black ant works great and is loads of fun   oh yeha also ive had good luck with small panfish sized mister twisters on a small jig head


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