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White bumps on fish


I went out crappie fishing the other day and I noticed in the shallows there were three fish sitting there and I could not distinguish what they were. They looked like they were silverish/blueish tint almost like a fish you would see in a fish tank; like a jack dempsey. I thought someone had released fish from their fish tank into the lake. I dropped my jig down and hooked one, when I got it out of the water I noticed it was a bluegill. It was covered in white bumps all over the fish it almost looked like snail larva or lice (black bumps) except these were white? Anyone have any idea what this could have been or has anyone seen this before?

oh wow i dont know what it is but you could deffinitly look it up online if you havent already or go to your local book store/library to find some information or your lfs may have some books as they often sell them or magazines. or you could bring pictures with you and ask someone working at your lfs.

it might be Ick, which is a bacterial disease common to aquarium fish and triggered by sudden temperature changes, but without a picture i really can't say for sure.


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