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different baits for finicky gills

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i was fishing last season at just 1 of my honey gill holes and the water was so clear i could see the gills in the water. i tried redworms,spikes and jigs but just couldnt trigger them that much. i looked in my bag and found a couple of old tube bodies and real small hooks like size 12. i cut off just 1 of the little legs from the tube [ all white ]and under a bobber, casted in. it was like a feeding frenzy!!!!! the big gills never even eyed the bait they inhaled it!!!!!!!!!!!!. i did the same 1 other time with a small red feather and another time with a red rubber band. you just never know, even pannies can be finicky,lol.

A lot of guys have shown me that flies work very well for finicky gills. Dries, nymphs, streamers, and pistol petes. They seem to just gobble up flies better than anything except live bait. Sometimes it's not a big fish bait cause every gill around usually tries to nail a fly.


Great story dave! I like using small flies for those finicky gills. A #14 beadhead nymph supposedly works well for them, personally I always like pistol petes.

We were slaying the monster bluegills on a #8 cricket pattern the other night (we caught 28, all 10" or better on the cricket pattern under a bubble). Just make sure it has a little red on it to match the crickets!

When gills get that finnicky, i will switch to a number 10 ratso, it just kills 'em.


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