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Jigs or lures i should use???

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Help me out new to this so looking for advice cuz i have to try to learn this side of it..kill them in the winter so can't be to differant?? Thanks and good luck this year

Doubles Shooter:
Use the same jigs/lures you use on the ice. Waxworms are available year round in most bait shops now.

Hali jigs tipped with a spike or waxworm work just as good in soft water as they do in hard water.

I love trout magnet for panfish! I use the jig head it comes with tipped with a waxworm.   

I have been using the panfish magnets tipped with a golden with good luck.  Through the ice I have a lot of luck with a hali jig and marmooskas tipped with wax worms.


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