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How many of you use flies, such as cricket and hopper dries, pistol petes, and other assorted bugs for bluegills? They seem to be the best bait for numbers of big gills in my local lake that has all the monsters in it.
In the evening, it seems these bulls will take a fly every cast.

i love sliders for gills, they just kill'em, along with the occasional largemouth ;D

Gills hit the same patterns as trout. Slow, steady retrieves have worked pretty consistenetly for me. You will get into plenty of perch on wets also.

use flies alot depending where i go, couple of my favorite panfish spots i use a fly on my casting ultra lite st croix and boy what fun it is to catch bulls on lite gear the best part about it is no bait required

I use flies for gills as well, both on a fly rod and casting far I have found that the pattern has not been as important as the size and bright colours...reds, yellows and light blues have worked great for me


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