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i had some flies my grandfather gave me( looked like he never used them)and just thought to try them knowing there were nice trout and panfish in the area,ended up catchin a limit of fatty gills and some nice crappie wouldnt even know the pattern just know they like anything small and redish brown
the flies he gave me were small but had bigger wings and long tail i clipped the wings smaller and the tail right off and this worked great
does anyone know what this fly may have been called?

got a pic?  That could be alot of things.

Foam spiders are my favorites for bluegill.
But watch out for that bass ;D

I prefer to use a blck gnat fly tipped with a beemoth.

I'll resurrect this thread i guess... I went today and gills would hit almost any color or size. the only problem was keeping them hooked. Also, out of maybe 25 that i caught in a short period of time only 2 or 3 were keeper size. Any suggestions on flies for bigger gills or should i just keep trying different spots? I;m clueless when it comes to these guys ; today was my first day ever targeting them.


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