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Planning a family vacation this summer on Watauga Lake and wanted to know if anyone knows of a good guide.

There doesn't seem to be too much activity in the Tennessee section of MFF but I'll throw a question out anyway.  I plan to be in the Watauga Lake area in late September.  How is the fishing for walleyes or crappie that time of year?  Any general ideas in terms of depths/baits/presentations would be appreciated.

Well I finally made it down there the last 2 weeks of May.  I did not catch 1 fish.  Tried some trolling for walleyes and fly under a bobber for crappie and panfish.  Got a couple bites but could not catch anything.  Beautiful lake but tough to fish.  Spent $450 renting a pontoon boat but they really suck for fishing. It was a nice comfy boat but hard to maneuver.   Can't troll well and really can't get close enough to shore to fish for pannies.  The depth finder sucked. could not find bottom over 3 mph.  I would have been better off with a small boat to get deeper into the flooded timber for the crappies.  I really did not want to drag my boat 600 miles but I would have been better off.  I would like to go back again but not because the fishing is great, I just really like East Tennessee. I noticed a lot of boats rigged out for fishing at the marina so there must be fish in there somewhere. The staff at the marina knew little or nothing and never showed up for work on time.  Both days I rented I ended up waiting in the car until at least 8:30 for someone to open up.  Their ads say the rentals run from 8 AM to 6 PM but there was never anyone there at 8 AM.

does anybody have ANY info on watauga lake or holston lake for fishing
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