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what do you guy's think about this bait ? meaning does it work  or just a waste of money?  ??? looking to use it on bullheads .  would like to say high to everyone as this is my first post. have a great season !!!!!!!!!!!!

Myself personally never had luck with it. Ive found near me that Leeches work the best.Brown are best but hard to find,so you'll have to use the black ones. Just cut them alittle with a knife so they bleed some. or crush them with a rock if you dont have a knife with ya.

never had any luck with it for bullheads or channel cats.I use livers chopped up with flour and made into a dough like bait.Sometimes add some spray cheese to it too.

i have alot of luck with a night crawler on the bottom at local lakes :tipup:

Sonny's Super Sticky dip bait is the best "stink bait" I have found. I get much better results with this stuff than any of the competition's products. I use a standard rubber tube dip worm to present the stuff.

All of that aside, cut oily bait fish is often a better choice.


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