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I've been fishing them for around 23 years now and have heard a lot of folks say not to even waste your time going on a bright night. I can't say that I have ever slammed them on a night when either there was a crystal clear sky or there has been  good moon shine, but I have caught them. Anyone else have any experiances or thoughts.

Ben fishing for them for along time usually best times are late at night when its real dark as to my recolections but I've also caught some nice ones in broad daylight

The only thing I have trouble with a full moon is the perch rockbass and punkinseed are able to see your bait better . :( Can be a pain in the butt re baiting all the time . You can have the same problem if you have to much lantern light going out on the water . I know some people say bullhead are attracted to light but with 45 years experience I don't agree .
               SHINER 8)   And don't forget your dehooker or you will get poutfinger. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :

I also have fished them for 30 years... I have got them in all kinds of weather and times of day or night...right place right time.... you can't catch them if you don't have a pole in the water!!!

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Light seemed to help me whenim fishing for them


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