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Bullheads by boat or from shore?

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I recently saw a post refer to catching Bullhead from a boat. I wonder how common boat fishing for Bullheads is?

How do you fish for them? Do you fish by day or night?

By boat:
Do you boat to a spot and anchor up to fish for Bullhead?
Do you float until you find some, then anchor and stay put?
Do you float an area, fishing your bait dragging on the bottom?

By Shore:
There are only so many options, I guess?


big walleye:
I have never purposely fished for these fish but I have caught hundreds while fishing for walleye. I have caught them trolling with spinners but the majority have been on jigs or pickerel rigs. Man I had one sting me once with it's stinger. Ouch and did my hand ever swell. Must of had an allergic reaction. It went away after a couple of hours and a few beer. I mean ice. ;)

Big Walley,
That beer is necessary to slightly warm the ice to prevent frost-bite.  :)


We use the boat to get to some of our spots but then we set up on shore but Im sure once you found some you could just ancor and fish over the side nothing too scientific about bulls just give them something to eat on a hook(worms leeches hot dogs rotten meat)about anything works whene they're runnin'

That was my thinking. The fishing is usually either hot or not  for Bullhead. Wondered if anyone ever dragged a line or two in likely areas until a hit or two indicated a location where they were. You know, prospecting by boat. Then drop anchor, line and fish . . .

Or, just continue draging a weighted line with bait back and forth through an area.



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