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Author Topic: LAke Simcoe SPring PErch run....  (Read 3605 times)


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LAke Simcoe SPring PErch run....
« on: Apr 01, 2004, 04:47 PM »
Well the time of year again for Lake Simcoe Spring Thaw is here. I Went out this morning after work and was the first to arrive just about 7:20
I get off at 7:00 so ...Anyhow i got there first try thowing some tubes and such as i very seldom use live bait due to arrogance...ANyhow I used the flyrod next after a bit 45 Mins i got my first fish...a lil 6 inch perch...Followed by a 8 inch LG mouth bass Then another PErch...This Took about  and hour and a half by then to many people were where i was fishing so i stopped Anyhow for those of you who fish SImcoe The PErch run is just starting..a little slow but its here....Good luck boys and tight lines....Oh ya those of you that know SImcoe I Shore fished from Adeline PArk The water is open quite a bit there with Ice flows coming in...Tight lines and good luck...
Please Don't be offended by Germ and his Replys ..If any comments bother you please feel free to Send me a message Thru private mail and Ill   modify anything that Seems to upset ya. Tight Lines all!


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