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I caught my 1st master angler bullhead on Sat then later in the day another one


Can you turn in 2 in the same year in your state? I know in Iowa you can only turn in one fish per species per year. I got denied a 29" walleye award because I turned in a 28" er earlier in the year last year.

I'm from Manitoba, Canada. In my province you can submit more than 1 per year. You get a certificate for the 1st one then the rest you get a notation in the record book (database). When you get 5 of a species , you get a "specialist" pin with the name of the fish on it.

I have attached a link to our program if you are interested. A lot of Americans head up here fishing and participate in the program too.

That is cool! I wish we had that in the states.

I remember my first 14" Bullhead.  It was almost unbelievable to me.  I also got tar on my clothes that day from sitting on the old railroad pilings.


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