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Big Bullhead


My  brother caught this one which was 16" in length this week. From the size of it's belly you can tell it has been eating good. Lots of fun to catch


Wouldn't take many of those to have a nice Bullhead dinner!

I have never eaten on. One of these days I will try a recipe from this site. For some reason people up this way don't eat them, but my friends in the US say they are very good.

I think they are great eating!  A lot of folks around here eat them, they are even sold in restaurants.  I like to fillet, then cut into chunks, then dip into egg then bread crumb and fry it in butter...

i fillet all my bullheads when i get them. this takes the backbone out of the problem and i trim the fillet to remove all the nasty looking crap. i cut then from spine to spine then pull off the skin. after i cut the meat off trying not to cut into the stomach cavity.


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