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channel cat rigs?

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how do you guys rig up? i have 2 seperate rigs i use.

for 1 i slide a 1 oz slip on the line, tie on a snap swivel, and then attatch a 1/0 or 2/0 snell with some cut bait. when it is at rest the sinker sits about a foot ahead of the bait holding it in place, then i set them up tight lining

my other rig is similar, i tie on a 1 oz bank sinker, then add the same snell about 2 feet above it, so hopefully when it is sitting in the water the angle will make the bait hang either right on or a few inches off bottom, i tight line fish these to.

how do you guys rig up? im sure there are many different ways

My typical channel cat rig comprise of a 1 oz brass bullet sinker or a lead walking sinker, tie a big swivel, then a snell line of a foot to several feet depending on the water to typically a 1/0 hook.  Sometimes I have the slip bobber set up.  One of the thill slider bobbers big enough to hold a 1/2 oz weight, then a foot of snell to a size 1 hook.

Where we go on the Red it takes a min of 3 oz to stick, 4 in most places and 5 in quite a few.  That river seems to go by at about 30 mph.   The mechanics are the same, simple running rig, but I have a question.  I like to use a rubber shock bead to protect my swivel knot rather than a hard bead both for cats and carp - where's a good cheap source for beads, maybe by the 100 - 200 lot? 
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Water Wolf:
On an In-Fisherman show I saw last fall, Doug Stange was fishing for channel cats in a small river with a no roll sinker right up against the hook and bait.

He just fired the whole thing out and just let it sit on bottom.

He said that the weight does not bother the cats at all, and he did get a good nunber of not bad cats.

Do any of you use this rig with any luck? :-\


I think I'll call that a catsup rig.  :rotflol:

The weight doesn't bother the cats at all, but for very rare instances the weight may prevent the hook up.  For me it's more about the bottom structure type.  Since sometimes the length of the line makes the bait dance in the current and that's not as good as a bait that's more stationary.   Mostly I hate having my bait get hung up in between rock cracks, although I've had my line all tangled and wrapped around a catfish before without a real bite.  My line was all slimed up after a very short fight.  I've done just fine at times with a heavy jig and bait.  Haven't tried a bass jig yet, but I'm sure it will work just the same.


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