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That just reminded me of that one time when I was a kid, we were catching lots of bullheads on nightcrawlers.  We had tossed overboard the dirt for the nightcrawlers after we were done, and then there was a huge swarm of water swirls at the spot.   ;D  It doesn't ever work, but just that one time.

I kind of wondering if that's something you guys get if you toss some of that chum bait?


--- Quote from: slipperybob on Mar 30, 2011, 05:57 AM ---Why are you guys littering?  ;D

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Just empty the cans into a zip lock bag before you go then spread the dog food out when you get to your spot. That did remind me of a bullhead trap we made as kids same as a minnow trap we hung a can inside it with holes and it worked perfect.

good tip brother.we use to throw 3 inch chunks of liverworst over the side of the hour or so latter we would kill them.

This is the trick I was told. And it will avoid filling them up AND littering. Poke a bunch of holes in the can of dog food. That way, the odor will get out and just make them hungrier. Before you throw it out, tie it off. You can just pull it back in when you've caught more than you can handle.

not to be a downer, but be sure to check your local regulations for any laws regarding chumming. it's absolutely illegal here in idaho, but other places may have different or no restrictions.


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