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Re: Ulterra
« Reply #60 on: Apr 16, 2022, 05:57 PM »
Hey Geoff
Did you figure out why it leaked?
Were you able to come up with a better sealing method?

No idea. I had the cover of the trim housing open when I first got the motor, it was clicking and I had to adjust tension on the trim housing motor. I guess it's possible I didn't put the seal back together that well? It took two seasons of some pretty major saltwater use to ruin that tiny motor. self-inflicted? Maybe, maybe not. Never know.

What I do know is this trim motor doesn't make any clicking, so I'm not opening it if I don't have to. Maybe it will stay sealed.

I may run a bead of silicone around the seal but then again, I shouldn't have to. Plus, if I have to open it for any reason it would be a PITA.

Last year I had to replace the 3 batteries I torched... this year the trim housing... seems it's costing about $300 a season to run this Ulterra.

Mac Attack

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Re: Ulterra
« Reply #61 on: Apr 17, 2022, 10:32 AM »
$300 to fix it this time wasnít bad really
Coulda been way worse I suppose.

I will be going with a Terrova on my toon down here in Florida when I eventually buy the boat.  I will be on calm inland waters with easy access to the Terrova making it the logical choice.

However, the Ulterra on my Trophy, 10 miles out on Lake Erie in 1-2ís was the logical choice for sure.

I hope you get more than a year before the next required repair my friend.  Good luck.


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