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Missy tailrace
« on: Sep 21, 2022, 07:41 AM »
 A couple of notes on Missy

1  Lake is right at summer pool 737'

2  Discharge is minimal most of tailrace is less than 3' deep

3  9/20/22 the tailrace was literally infested with 100s of invasive carp.  One could not cast a
    lure without having it bump on the backs of multiple fish.

4  There is much construction in the area on the public shoreline on the west bank of the river.  The concrete
    revetment on the west side of the river has been extended another 100 yards or so and the corrugated steel
    pipe that used to empty into the river is gone.  The area between the new revetment and the natural slope
    behind it are being riprapped with large stones.  It was awesome watching an excavator pick up and place
    boulders the size of washing machines along the shore.

5   The noise didn't seem to bother the fish.  Between finning a few carp for a temporary hook up I did catch
     a couple of nice drum.

fish on,



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