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broken rod:
what the best eaten size for a bullhead ;D

best eating size is from about 12-16in but smaller/bigger is ok too.

After they are cleaned and  8"- 9" of meat is left is my favoriate. Also the
large ones that you have to fillet are good also.

I like the smaller ones. The larger ones tend to taste muddy. Between 7 and 10 inches is what I prefer.

the smaller ones are better. let the big guys go. the smaller ones cook through evenly. the big ones dont. want to have good popualtions of them for the years after so i let the big boys and girls go. you can catch plenty of the smaller ones. i keep all the small ones until about 5-6 inches? ill take a measurement on my smallest one. probably bigger than 5-6. the largest about 10-11. catch alot of good ones ;D.


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