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Title: Back country trout ponds?
Post by: Tony on Jun 23, 2018, 10:56 AM
Hello everyone,
My wife and I are going to a wedding in keystone Colorado at the end of july, first week in august. We're driving out from Vermont early to make a vacation out of it. My wife likes to hike and I like to fish (so does she) so we try and compromise and do a hike/fish trip. She wants to do some back country hiking and camping. I was hoping I could get some suggestions of places to do a hike in to a pond with trout and camp. I know the end of July can be a challenging time to catch fish from shore but I was hoping theres a chance? It doesn't have to be in the keystone area because we'll be traveling all over the state and sleeping in the truck. I know guys don't like to give out secret spots but I'll never be back out again and we let everything go. I usually cast spoons from shore and don't fly fish much. I can bring the fly rods if that's the only option. The hike in can be anywhere from 1-6 miles or so. If camping isn't allowed, then we can simply hike in, fish and hike out. Thanks a lot, I know good spots don't come easy and I appreciate any info I can get. If you're ever in vermont, I'll repay the favor. Pm me if you like.

Title: Re: Back country trout ponds?
Post by: SLAYERFISH on Jun 25, 2018, 08:44 PM
Most any lake around 11-12K ft will have nice fish in it. Some good lakes above Breck in the 2 drainages north of Quandary Peak.  Good fish in the Eagles Nest Wilderness near Dillon, but longer hikes.  Flattops is hard to beat for size of fish.I'm not much for camping up high but plenty of room for that. Again, most any HIGH lake will be good fishing and an excellent altitude experience for you two.Nothing like a bowl, wine and cuttys at 12,000 ft! :laugh:
Title: Re: Back country trout ponds?
Post by: Tony on Jun 26, 2018, 08:47 AM
thanks Slayerfish! I'll get out the maps and take a look!