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Looks good ben!!!!
Fishing Pictures / Re: Crankin' Eyes.
« Last post by gotagetm on Today at 06:26 PM »
Ah ok and yes beautiful fish and ide love cooler eye fishing!!!

Found a spice mix with salt, pepper,garlic and granulated Honey in it I put it on butter coated walleye fillets and grilled and topped with shaved parmesan cheese and made a fruit salad
Was very good!!
Off-Topic / Re: Surprised anyone over 50 is still alive..
« Last post by regulator on Today at 06:11 PM »
Ha Ha Ha LMAO, Love that Genny can! Central Hotel was the local beer joint in the town I grew up in and was affectionately called "the Zoo". Drank lots of cold 25 cent Genny drafts there!
Fishing Pictures / Re: Crankin' Eyes.
« Last post by fishinjohn on Today at 05:25 PM »
Slayer NICE JOB ON THE EYE!!!!!!
Fishing Pictures / Re: Crankin' Eyes.
« Last post by filetandrelease on Today at 04:51 PM »
Nice walleye, I will also take some of that cooler temp...h2l
Massachusetts / Like Wallowing in Tepid Bathwater
« Last post by bogtrotter on Today at 04:37 PM »
I was in the mood for small mouth bass, so I headed to Chicopee to fish the river there.

It was another hot day - - even hotter than yesterday (I believe it hit 97 degrees) - - and wet wading (along the lines in the caption above) was the order of the day.

I fished from 1:30 to 3 PM upstream from the Davitt Bridge (between the dam and the stepped waterfalls) and then below the railroad trestle downstream from there for another hour.

My haul for two and a half hours of fishing was four small (6" to 8") and four big (14" to 17") bass - - with all of the larger ones and one of the smaller ones caught just below the stepped waterfall.

Wisconsin / New lake
« Last post by den58 on Today at 03:17 PM »
Been fishing the big chip for many years looking for a new lake next year that has a good population of crappie walleye and bass could be in same area or in Villas county that has resorts to stay at any recamemdations would be appreciated
New York / Re: How Warm Is It?
« Last post by rgfixit on Today at 02:22 PM »
92 and nasty out there. Just fired up the Weber for some chicken and screwed potatoes. Clouds around but not much relief.

Brutal morning mowing the course and my own yard. Canít wait till I have to wear a jacket again.
New York / Re: Great Sacandaga 2021
« Last post by hunts2long on Today at 10:49 AM »
The weather can't get much worst. The launch was less than half full yesterday afternoon...h2l
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