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Author Topic: Stupidest mistake?  (Read 51499 times)


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Re: Stupidest mistake?
« Reply #90 on: Apr 01, 2012, 08:12 PM »
Bad night river fishing.........

Years ago, I take a relative thru marraige fishing. Anyhow I got this POS 12ft jon boat. Just enough to get out and wet a line. I tell this idiot guest before hand to grab his life vest because I only had 1vest plus a throwable. Needless to say about an hour into it, DNR rolls up on us. I end up getting the ticket for this idiot(forgetting ife vest) because I own the vessel. It was like a $80 ticket. Im thinking on the way home that MAYBE this idiot will atleast split the cost of the ticket, since I told him beforehand. Never said a word on way home. So Im pedal to the floor hauling A**  home and hit a bad set railroad tracks. The lock for the trailor shears and knocks the tounge off the ball. I see a 15ft shower of sparks traling the boat/trailor. Thank God for the S hooks. It was the last time that I took the idiot fishing.


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Re: Stupidest mistake?
« Reply #91 on: Apr 07, 2012, 01:44 PM »
Great stuff on here!

Hmmmm...... Well I can remember a few of mine.

I have the token "forgot the plug" story. I had brought my boat to a different ($$) launch that was heavily used and policed. I waited in line watching the wardens check everybody out, and refuse access to a few boats for violations. I decided to triple check my stuff and get the straps off so Id be ready for splashdown. Everything looked good to go, vests/no weeds/lights/stickers were all a green light.  Again.
I had never launched at this ramp before, and it is kinda steep, and theres 10 boats in line, so Im a little nervous because I dont want to be "that guy" at the launch that holds everyone up. I get backed in after being checked out and tie off on the other side of the dock so once I pull the truck out the next boat can back right in. Parked the truck, got in the boat, gears all there, motor is warmed up, so off I go.
As I throttle up I notice the boat feels sluggish... I get about 200 yards away and notice my back carpet is wet, and it hits me that the plug is still sitting on the tackle shelf on the splashwell.... "Oh crap Im gonna sink the d**n boat" I think to myself.
I whip the boat over to the shallows by the point just in case it does sink it wont be deep, and jump overboard with the plug. (mine goes in outside) I get it in and get back in the boat and immediately hit the bilge. After about 20 minutes I hear the pump finally hit air and stop pumping. I sat there in the weeds off the point and proceeded to  catch a few bass.

One time I was walking down the RR tracks to fish the lake outlet stream carrying the 2 rods I picked out for the day, one rigged with a crankbait and one rigged with a spinnerbait. (I NEVER carry rigged rods usually)The hooks were secured in the hook keepers by the handles.
 I had both rods in my right hand as usual (Im a righty) and wanted to get a better grip closer to the handles. I also had my tackle bag strap over my right shoulder. As I flipped the rods forward to slide my hand down, I buried one of the crankbait trebles under my pointer fingers fingernail. My first reaction to the blinding pain was to drop the rods..... Unfortunately, my finger was stuck to the hook, and the rods tangled up and hung from the meat under my fingernail. This hurt MUCH worse, but I couldnt make any more quick, knee-jerk reactions because it would surely create even more blinding pain that I wasnt looking forward to. NO MOVEMENT!!
         I had to get this hook out, but the rods had tangled and I couldnt separate them or drop them. Reluctantly, I grabbed the treble with my left hand and tried to get it out, but it was deep and the tangled rods were pulling the hook deeper, even with them laying on the ground.  Hmmm.... I took a deep breath and remembered I had a leatherman in my pocket. Oh yeah, its in my right pants pocket.... Im not able to get my left hand in my right pocket deep enough to get the leatherman without dislocating at least one of my arm joints... Oh yeah, I have some hemostats in my tackle bag!  Oh yeah, its on my right shoulder.... Ok, I gotta get this tackle bag down low enough to get at the pockets WITHOUT moving my finger or the rods one MM. Slowly....slowly I got bag into position, and wrestled the hemos out. I snipped/broke the line where the lure was tied and then only had the lure to deal with as the rods were now unattatched and not putting tension on the hook. comes the moment of truth. I GENTLY grabbed the treble, and ripped it out away from the barb as best I could with my left hand. POP it came out, and drip came the blood.... I fought the pain and continued on to the fishing spot, although I couldnt ignore the throbbing ache in my finger.
I went back to my rule of not walking with rigged rods unless its hooked onto one of the top eyelets, away from my hands, and Im in "fishing mode" not walking any great distance.


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Re: Stupidest mistake?
« Reply #92 on: Apr 08, 2012, 10:36 AM »
Muskie fishing,thought I was snagged in the weeds reeled my line up and up comes my cisco kid with a huge muskie on it.yelled at my buddy to look at the fish, never set the hook,muskie gave me the dirty eyeball and threw my lure at me.Needless to say the next hour I spent  sitting there in the boat not saying a word steering the boat as needed.

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Re: Stupidest mistake?
« Reply #93 on: Mar 10, 2013, 06:32 AM »
My stupidest mistake has be not open water fishing in the past two years. That is going to change this year go to try to get out at least once a week.

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Re: Stupidest mistake?
« Reply #94 on: Mar 26, 2013, 12:28 AM »
My dumbest move was leaving my tackle box at one spot when I left for another. Luckily no one stole it!


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Re: Stupidest mistake?
« Reply #95 on: Mar 26, 2013, 08:19 PM »
1-arrived at hemlock lake with the kayak and everything needed to go fishing except fishing poles
2-got a rapala xrap hook embedded in my finger while fishing hemlock lake
3-shoved the wife out in the rowboat and told her to wait while I parked the truck because it was opening day of bass at hemlock lake and it was crowded BUT... forgot to put the plug in... when I got back she was rowing in circles with one paddle yelling "there's water coming in the boat!! what the He!ls going on!" thank god a guy in waders grabbed the boat for me and pulled it to shore for us. She hasn't stepped foot in that boat since that day ;D ha ha
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Re: Stupidest mistake?
« Reply #96 on: Mar 27, 2013, 10:33 AM »
Laughing when my wife sat on a worm harness and got the hook buried in her ace... :-X  You'd think I'd know better by now... :laugh:
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Re: Stupidest mistake?
« Reply #97 on: Mar 27, 2013, 10:59 AM »
I left my kayak paddle at a boat launch by the time i realized it was missing a week had gone by and it was not there when i went to look for it.  Another time i left my life jacket at a boat launch and that also was picked up by someone.  I need to make a check list before i leave...


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Re: Stupidest mistake?
« Reply #98 on: Mar 27, 2013, 11:05 AM »
walked about a mile back into a walleye spot, left the rods in the truck.


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Re: Stupidest mistake?
« Reply #99 on: Mar 27, 2013, 06:52 PM »
About 11:30 one night after trout fishing, my friend Richard, Lucky Dog (my long gone retiever), and I pulled into the boat ramp. We loiaded the boat on the trailer, stowed the rods in the back of the truck, and headed down the road for home. About 5 miles later, I looked at Richard and said, "Hey, where's Lucky Dog?"

Richard replied, "Gee, I don't know!"

Holy $&^% ! I found a place to turn around and raced back to the launch. There sat Lucky Dog, looking just a little miffed!
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