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Author Topic: What bait do ya use fer carp  (Read 16893 times)


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Re: What bait do ya use fer carp
« Reply #45 on: Jun 10, 2009, 11:25 AM »
The Indiana state record is 43lbs 4 oz. The fish does not need to be alive to get it certified but it will loose weight when it dies.
the kid that caught it is the type of person that will catch a 15'' bass and when i get to school someone will ask me ''did adam really catch a 8 pound bass?'' so in other words he exagerates but this fish was 44 pounds 5 ounces.. he caught it out of koontz lake, he fishes for them all the time and really does well almost every time he will get one near 20#
cold morning air+ smell of exaust and the roar of the motor starting=HEAVEN


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