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DSSP 24th - 25th
« on: Sep 27, 2011, 11:21 AM »
Water temp: upper 60's/low 70's
Water: clean
Seas: 3' - 4'
Wind: S/SSE 5kts - 10kts
Sky: overcast/cloudy/fog
Air temp: mid to upper 70's
bait(s): chunks/strips/whole mullet/FBBW

Saturday - OIBT tournament started at 7 with approximately 242 entrants. The day began slow but picked up close to the end of the outgoing. Nothing much but a few small dusky and even smaller snappers 6" -10" for just about everyone. Fished hard until 4p.m. Were not many reported catches with the biggest boofish topping about 15.5" and a total reported catch of about a dozen boos. fishingilrpa entered this time around for her first tournament. She managed one scoreable king. It got her on the board in the women's division. WTG fishingirlpa!!!

Sunday - Pretty much a repeat of the day before except the bite was a little stonger at the start of the outgoing. Still again there were mostly nothing but a bunch of small boos coming in but it was a better bite then the previous day. Fellow down from me was still winning with the biggest @ 15.5". Got word around 10 from a friend that a blitz was happening on the north beach. Thought things were looking good but it was getting close to the noon ending time. At about 11:00 switched over to FBBW (since I had only managed one short boo so far) and needed some points. Was hoping for the kings/croakers to turn on but it never happened for me. fishingilrpa was still knocking the kings/croakers every once in awhile but she just wasn't getting the size she needed (that's what she said  :) )

The tournament ended with about 55 scoreable fish with the biggest going 16.5" and worth an easy $2900! Actually had a 16 way tie for 5th place. 1st managed $1000 cash and a nice trophy.
We haven't gotten official confirmation yet but believe, based on the number of women entrants, their scores, and prizes/monies only given out to third place, that fishingirlpa came in fourth. She would have only needed one more qualifying fish to collect some monies!!!
Maybe she can do something in one of the upcoming tournaments  :)

It was nice to see some old friends and make some new ones. The season is just started so fishingirlpa and I are hoping for many more trips throughout the Fall.

The fish are starting to move some as there have been a few scattered reports of some drum being taken from AI and plenty of mullet up in NJ. Any time now things ought to start!!!
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