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Hey,  how about some fishing reports from  AZ guys?? I'll be moving permanently to AZ in 2 months,  so I could use some good  info where to wet the line.  What are some good urban lakes around ?    thnx,         J

I live in Mass but got to az every year and fish. Where are you near? I can give you some good urban lakes to mess aound in

hey G.   I live in Mesa.  I tried a few places but i'm not impressed so far.  I fished few of the urban lakes,  like the one at del salado and dobson, and tried the canals a few times and the Tempe town lake.  It was all tough fishing and very artificial.  Like fishing in a concrete bathtub.  Perhaps u know some good spots on the salt river that I could try later this season.   Right now it's a zoo out there with all the float trips gut it should thin out later.   Any info would be appreciated a lot.  I'm kind a tired getting sunked.  Supposedly there was a huge fish kill in a lot of the waters due to the golden algae so the fishing really sufferes in a lot of places.  I'll be posting more reports once I get my boat fixed.  Later,           D.

All the urban lakes are like fishing in a concrete bathtub ::) but some do hold big bass one, I don't remember the name right now, gave up a 13lbs bass to a guy fishing for trout this past winter.  Try the ASU reserch park near Dobson ranch it's located between Guadalupe, Elliot and Dobson rd. There are three ponds there and they have some nice fish.
The Salt River lakes are in rough shape now(except Rosey) all three have had big fish kills the last two years and no one knows why. The smallies have just about disappeared from Apache. Try the Salt River below Saguaro dam
you can get there from the Bush Highway, not sure which road off of Bush highway I have only been to that section once.  Bartlett Lake has a ton of fish and are very
catchable from shore. Take 17n to the Carefree Highway east follow to end go through Cave Creek and get on Horseshoe Dam rd and follow to Bartlett.
Try this site for more info
Good luck   GREG

Cool,  thanks for the info,,,,I'll try those lakes when I get a chance.     I fished the Salt river below the Saguoro Lake dam this w/e....twice.  It was for a few hours before dark,  but got zip.  I tried spinning with top waters, plastics and crankbaits.  and switchede to dry flies next day.  But did not get a single bump.   The water is running pretty fast right not and there is a lot of weeds floating and on the bottom,  so got to beef up to like 10 lb test for worming.    There are some nice SM bass in there but they would not take nothing.   Some guy got a catfish on a night crawler  fishing there all day  so I figure  they must be either more active in the morning,  or  got to give it a try in they fall.     Later,  J


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