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« on: Apr 09, 2005, 08:28 PM »
For those out there legering with hair rigs and semi-fixed bolt rigs (if you know what i mean, than you are who i am talking to)

have you found that using boilies has increased the size or number of fish?  I fish waters that get absolutely no pressure from other carp fisherman, and i just see no reason to use anything other than sweet corn or possibly peanuts (and groundbait of course for chumming).  I will be fishing exclusively for fish over 20lbs.

any thoughts?


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Re: question
« Reply #1 on: Apr 10, 2005, 12:48 PM »
corn is always a good one.
try Wheaties, they'll make you stronger, just like the commercial says.  ;D
(if you know what I mean.) ;)
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Re: question
« Reply #2 on: Apr 10, 2005, 01:00 PM »
I've gone fishing with others who were using corn and nightcrawlers while I used boilies and outfished them, and the next night it would be the other way around.  I take both boilies and corn with flavouring, and sometimes I'll throw some boilies in with the corn to absorb some of the fresh flavour and colour. (try putting drained sweetcorn in a ziplock with coconut extract and licourice extract or ground anise[that chinese 5 spice powder is good too] just a few drops of each and some red food colouring to make it stand out against your groundbait).  I've had a guy using corn prepped like that hit high 20s and 30s while I only got a couple of little fish but no guarantees.  I take 10 different kinds of boilies with me just because I enjoy the bait making end of the game, and it gives me lots of choices - if one method isn't working I can always change up.  I think I can catch bigger fish with boilies just because it's worked for me and confidence dictates what you will use, but my biggest came on corn and a nightcrawler. :D   For more info on carp bait than you will ever want to see unless you start making it, check out            and take a boo at the bait forum.


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Re: question
« Reply #3 on: Apr 14, 2005, 11:11 AM »
I have used 4 cups of corn flakes and half of a honeydew melon.  Remove the flesh of the melon and put it in  bag with the cornflakes.  Leave it outside for a day or so, until the melon breaks down and the whole bag turns to a dough-like consistency.  I used a medium treble(I think they are 6's) and squished this on the hook.  You cant toss it too hard, but I hooked a ton of carp in Saratoga Lake by the mouth of the creek.  Most ran upstream and broke off on logs and other snags, but a bunch were landed.  They love the corn...
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Re: question
« Reply #4 on: May 01, 2005, 11:33 AM »
One school of thought is that larger carp hang out a bit away from the groundbait and pick off bits of food dislodged by the smaller ones.  If I'm in the river I might try putting my hook-bait downcurrent 8 - 12 feet or if in the lake just off to the side.  That's probably more effective on pressured fish than ours but worth a try.  I've found they tend to hang around in schools of their own size, with the odd belter thrown in, and there's all sorts of speculation why.  I've seen biggies cruising the margins or edges of the water when the middle only seemed to hold little ones so if you can fish more than 1 rod it might pay to keep one in close.  Finding them is probably more important than changing up the bait on our wild carp.  It varies by area what they'll take, eg: Up here I can't get them to take anything off the surface but the rest of the world can use a piece of bread and catch them!


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Re: question
« Reply #5 on: Jun 25, 2006, 07:10 PM »
Lance, when I fish in Czech I see all sorts of methods. The guys who want the big ones fish boilies. I tended to use packaged dry carp baits that are small puffed flour pellets with a golden color on the outside, as I was most concered with actually catching fish. I used canned corn there and did catch fish.
The best rig I saw there is a helicopter rig, great for casting long distances (though I have a feeling that you don't need to do that). The coolest thing I saw is that they have the boilie on the hair rig hook and then use this dental floss-looking thread to tie additional boilies around the hook. You cast out and then the floss disintegrates in the water leaving four boilies around your hooked one. Not sure if that floss is available here. I did bring back one small spool (all they had left at the tackle store).

If you go back to our old site and search "Czech" you'll see a detailed report of my trip.


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