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Ok guys... NY season is closing here in a few days and my itch to catch walleyes isn't going away despite having a great last few weeks on the water.. I am looking to come down and fish Ohio waters for some eyes. I'm not looking for spot on spot or gps chords... Just looking to get some general Intel to help my planning! It's a 4 hour drive for me and I'd like to have all my ducks in a row before making the trip.. So, a couple questions...
What's the best place to launch from?
What is the best way to get a conditions report (these boards aren't always very active with guys (like ice shanty is).
Thanks for your help

3 days, 45 views AND NOBODY HAS ANY ADVICE?

Can't give any advice on launches as I'm from NY also & never fished Ohio. Try doing a google search for fishing reports for Lake Erie Ohio. That should give you some different sites to check out for info  ;)  Good luck !!

Mac Attack:
Google Mar-lu Marina
They are on a protected harbor and have their own launch ramp and docks
They also offer cottages and hotel acomadations
Very nice place and good people to deal with.


Could always come to michigan and the detroit river or st clair river? To tell you the truth still waiting around here for the water Temps to go up to about 40*f that's Goin to be around may or first weekend in may with the snow we just got.. that snow cooled water back down and back to square one.. of waiting there is still a great white fish bite happening and on warmer days the perch in the marinas are jumbo like 10 to 15 inches big ones! That's if the ice is not their the shallow areas were perch are found are cooling off and skimming over every day  so timing is a pain.. but ya walleye is open year round on st clair rivee same with I think the great Lakes and detroit river.. so great lake I think includes erie but our river inland water ways closes tonight at midnight March 15 2017  was just out trying at huroc park and it's to d**n cold to catch any thing.. let me know if planning on heading up if you like camping I can find you those and hotels.. sorry don't know much aboUT ohio and erie in ohio.. if you chase steel head aerial canada east of point peele canda.. this is if going threw canada is a option not sure of their rules and regs but browns steelhead and big walleye are in aerial. Or the deep side of lake erie but I would give it a good half month to one month till fishing just starts again around here..  marinas etc tons of them like Luna pier and sterling state can even go detroit river from erie metro park . Bait sales across from erie metro park place called bottom line bait and tackle.. from what I am hearing is the locals on the Maumee river are very tight lippedal and for good reason .. that's from the sister in laws brother.. their from Ohio and fish the maumee river a lot..just thought to say this cause Michigan's not far from Ohio .. 


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