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Author Topic: Browning Fishing Superlight Spinning Rod and Reel Combo  (Read 3478 times)


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Usually when I read a review and someone says "my rod broke" my first thought is, what did you do, back over it ? So, when it did happen to me I could only sit there with my mouth open.... shocked. my 4 lb test line should have broken before the rod...right ??   I've got $10.00 rod reel sets for the kids from walmart that held up better than this "Browning" POS. Now I'm reading reviews that prove that not just this Browning rod but several others have just flat snapped. Never again ! Oh, by the way the Browning reels are a pretty good buy. But 40.00 or 50 for a combo ? NOPE !


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Re: Browning Fishing Superlight Spinning Rod and Reel Combo
« Reply #1 on: Mar 28, 2017, 05:59 PM »
If you get a new rod check out shimano brand in the steel head 9 footer  "convergence" series it is the light rod with a michigan handle I use it to fish for perh, crappie ,gills etc with bobbers . The 9 foot lenght helps cast bait like minnow further and set hook further away.... If fishing lures go shorter like 6 to 7 foot max then you can walk the. Dog etc easier moving rod tip side to side while working your lure.. the shimano I liked is a 9 footer there are the okuma brand pan fish series and trout series rods that are not bad either that are shorter.. but ya that rod should have held up better but what can you do it happens..


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Re: Browning Fishing Superlight Spinning Rod and Reel Combo
« Reply #2 on: Feb 05, 2021, 05:29 PM »
When Browning stuff was made in Japan, those were really great quality stuff.  The Browning stuff made in China...well is just a Browning logo stamped on.
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