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Line question(s)
« on: Jul 31, 2022, 03:31 PM »
In a week or two, a family obligation will place this Hoosier boy on Cape Cod. Yep, guilty as charged, I will be one of the teeming masses
doing the tourist thing in August. I've done some work and licensing seems to be straight forward. I've also learned that possible
angling scenarios run from trout to tuna.  Absolutely amazing....  I plan on bringing two salt water rigs - one a short pier rod with
a Penn levelwind reel, and the other a surf rod that can throw 4 ounces. Both of these rigs have seen duty at Hatteras N C.  My
question is, what type and what pound test line should I use? Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: Line question(s)
« Reply #1 on: Jul 31, 2022, 07:05 PM »
I can not think of any "fishing piers" like there are down South on the Cape, more Jetties, so the surf rod will most likely get more action. For stripers, nighttime is your best bet, but the blue fish and maybe some Bonita and False Albacore may show up which can be a daytime bite (morning and evening are almost always better). For me, I throw more hardware than chunks of bait so most of the time a lighter line (30lb) braid would work well and unless you are in the canal you should be able to land most any fish.
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Re: Line question(s)
« Reply #2 on: Aug 01, 2022, 06:59 PM »
30/40/50lb.  Off the beach a nice full spool of 30 will cast a mile.  Canal I did 50 for years then bumped down to 40 for longer casts and to cut through the current.  10ft 50lb leader in rocks and at least 50-60" off the beach so the braid cant get chaffed by a big bass (itll break you off surprisingly.)  For the cape you want moving water.  Chatam inlet and nauset are good but access is tough.  Long walks.  Keep an eye out for sharks.  Been a bunch of brown sharks out, great white off block island and usually there are up in that area of the cape.

There's a pier on the canal you can fish. This time of year id fish the same thing I did last night.  Eels.  If you have some ild school rubber core those and eels in the canal, drifting the eddies around pole 20 and also the stretch near 150.  Both mainland side can be really good.  Best bites tend to be while the tide is gaining speed.  Slows when it peaks and often times fires up as the tide slows back down.

Should add that doing the same thing youd do on hatteras could work very well too.  Get fresh bunker and chunk it.  South cape beach is a good spot to soak chunks, youll likely encounter blue fish or brown sharks. Maybe bass at night. 


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