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First Time Fishing in Mississippi


It was a pretty good day in the pond behind my apartment complex.  My first bite was a 20+ pound snapping turtle that hit a buzzbait.  I fought him for about 15 feet before he shook free.  I ended up catching 8 largemouth and a crappie on senkos and super flukes.  2 of the bass were about 16-17".

I caught a 3lb channel cat in the pond behind my apartment complex last night.  I've confirmed there are bass, bream, crappie and catfish in my pond!  There's another smaller "duck" pond across the street and I caught 4 bass 10-14" in there as well...

"Is there anybody out there?"  -Pink Floyd

Fat Boy:
OK Otter, get some pics of the big ones.  Wha?  No pic of the turtle?  I can here ya now, "How do I lip this thing"? ;D

Start tellin' folks about the site down there.  People you meet while fishing, tackle shops, anywhere.  Get them interested and posting.  Soon, the fever will spread.


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