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Getting ready for CRAPPIE to start biting at the Spillway!!!


Well, July is here and the weather is HOT! But just 3 months from now, when the water temp starts to cool, the crappie will start biting at the spillway below the Ross Barnett Resevoir. We have MONSTER crappie here and if you've never had the oportunity to fish below the spillway, you don't know what you're missing!!!

I'd seriously like to check that out soon.  Although my target will be flatheads.  Is that area of the Pearl good for a recreational kayak?

I've never caught a real big cat before, and I'm intrigued by flatheads.

Tight lines...

Fat Boy:
Jeez, makes me want to head down for a visit for a combo bowhunt crappie fishin' trip!  Too bad y'all don't have icefishin' for those slabs down there ;D  Maybe if an asteroid knocks the Earth's orbit a few feet farther away than it currently tracks we can icefish down there too!

Well, I plan on giving a MS ice fishing report this year, we'll see.  My swimmers said their private lake has frozen over once...


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