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Hi guys, my name is Don and I'm a MFF Natl Mod. Even though I've lived in Wyoming a dozen years, I lived most of my life on the Gulf Coast. I was wondering if the site here is just not being read/posted to or not being posted to cause it's so quiet. My wife and I up till a few years before Katrina, kept a camp in Bay St Louis right off Skyline drive, few hundred yards from the Jourdan. I confess I get a little homesick and would enjoy chatting about some reds, specks and flounder fishing. Maybe we can get a chat thread going here? Thanks guys (and/or gals) Don MFF Natl Mod  ;D

Glad to see ya doin well, Don.
I've been really busy lately, but hope to be on more often in coming weeks.
I haven't been down the Gulf Coast for about 25yrs. Definitly gotta get back down there sometime. My mother grew up off of the Lilian hwy in Myrtle Grove Florida(outskirts of Pensacola). We lived down there for a few yrs when I was child and the other yrs, we we spent summer vacations down there. Sure do miss it. Hope the shores are gettin better after the oil spill too. Some of our most beautiful beaches and best fishing have been thoughout the Gulfcoast.
Keep in touch. Hope to see some pics of yas with some nice catches down there. 8)


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