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Re: Fishing fun.
« Reply #120 on: Jun 01, 2016, 12:44 AM »

Hi All,
Well another open water season is upon us and it's time to get out there and wet a few lures. :w00t:

For me, my first day of the open water season was on May 8th. :)

Since it was Mother's Day my uncle and I took my mom and aunt out for a Mother"s Day dinner before we went fishing. ;D
Our friend also joined us as well.

After dinner we headed out to see where we could wet the line.

The first stop was at my usual spot on Fishing Lake.  The wind was really kicking up from the SW, creating large crashing waves and white caps everywhere. It was too hard to cast in that area so we moved to another spot. This spot was still windy, but, it was a bit easier to cast. :P

We were set up and fishing by 3:15pm and went until 6:00pm.

Despite the wind, it was a nice sunny day with temps at + 27 deg C / 81 deg F with a bit of smoke haze from the Northern Alberta wildfires.

When we got there, a couple that was just leaving, said that the fish were around, but, it had been slow.
They had 2 fish, not sure what species.

When they left, we set up, and, not too long into the fishing, my uncle calls out that he had a nibble and then a strike. He does indeed have a fish on and it turns out to be a chunky walleye.

It would also be the only walleye landed that afternoon. ;)

A while later, our friend has a fish strike and after a few runs, I net the pike for him. :)

He also lands another 2 more pike that afternoon.

I start off by having a walleye on.  It's ever so lightly hooked and throws the lure.  Finally at 4:00pm I hook into my first fish of the season, a pike. I was going have a photo taken with it, but, it gave a surge, jumped up out of the net and back into the water - humm, must not have wanted it's picture taken,lol. :whistling:

My next fish came at 5:58pm, just as we were going to call it a day, good timing. ;D

This one had a bit of black spot disease on it, yuck.
I have not seen many fish with this disease in this area, hopefully it will not spread.

At 6:00pm we pack up and go for Mother's Day supper.

On this day, all the fish went back.

The final results were 5 pike and 1 walleye.

On this trip they went for my hand painted black and white Len Thompson spoon, the rainbow trout colored Len Thompson spoon and a black and white double tail grub.

Overall, I was happy with how the first day of the new open water season went.
I am also glad to be able to take the ladies out for their well deserved meals. ;D

May 22nd, and I am out on my 2nd trip of the season.  This time I though I would try Last Mountain Lake (LML).

I decided I would start at Lewis Creek and see if I could even get in there with the van.

My mom tagged along for the trip and scenery.  
She is also the photographer when she is around.

It was a bit of a challenge as we navigated along the twisting trail across the farmer's field to the creek, but we got there without issue.
I fished from 3:35pm - 6:40pm.

The weather started off nicely, with a mostly sunny sky and temps at + 25 deg C / 77 deg F.  and a wind from the S to SE.  
As the day wore on, it started to get more cloudy, and, it became clear that a storm was brewing. :blink:

The creek itself was quite full, with slight current and fairly stained water.

It was also was quite a popular spot that afternoon, with anglers coming and going frequently. At one point I counted a total of 23 anglers, up and down both sides of the creek bank.

It was also apparent that angler from a few days ago had luck as they left quite a few fish skins and filleted bodies up and down the river bank, in the tall grass.
The ones closer to shore or in the water would be eaten quite quickly by the gulls and other scavengers.

Speaking of birds, there was a lot of bird life around that afternoon and the first thing I heard when I stepped out of the vehicle was the happy tune of a meadow lark.
This little bird use to be quite common in my area as well, but, much of their native prairie grass land areas are now gone and they are now only heard in a few areas like this one.
The other bird life, consisted of sea gulls, swan and horned grebes, various species of ducks, Canada geese, double crested cormorants and white pelicans.
There were some big old white pelicans that had a large crest jutting out of their upper bill - experienced anglers. ;)

As for the fish, well, they were around that day, but, not overly active. Maybe it had to do with the upcoming storm, or, the abundance of small fish that I saw swimming past, I'm not sure, but, they were picky.

Most folks along the bank that afternoon did get at least 1 fish, mostly pike, and some nice ones at that.
One angler just to the left of me landed a nice looking walleye that I would estimate, by what I could see, would be around the 26 - 27 inch mark.

Most anglers were using a slip bobber or set float to fish, but a few, including myself, opted to cast.

I also had similar luck as everyone else.  I had one nice tap, then, another fish bit the tale off my swimbait, and finally, I landed one half way through the afternoon. :)
The pike hit lite, but, put on the pressure with a few good runs, once it was hooked.

After a quick photo, it went back.

As it got closer to evening, the nice day changed, and, now dark ominous storm clouds looked to be moving my way, with streaks of rain coming out of them.
We decided that we better get out, before the rain starts, or we might not get out at all. :-\

Before leaving the lake, I did want to check out another spot so we moved down the lake and stopped at the mouth of Big Arm Bay, near what looked to be a boat launch area.
This area was not as sloping into the water, and was a lot clearer. It was only 4 min into my fishing and I felt a strike and hooked into a fish.

It was also a pike, but it was a long lean looking fish. After a photo it went back as well. :)

I tried this area for a few more min, but, we saw some wicked lighting not too far away, so I packed up quickly, and, we were off and out of there. :blink:

About half way to the highway it began to pour.  That was good timing, but, it also ended the fishing for the day.

As I reflect, maybe I should have gone to Big Arm Bay earlier in the afternoon.  The fish seemed to be more active there, oh well, those are questions to be answered for another time and another trip.

On the way home from fishing we spotted a cow moose at the N end of LML right out in the middle of the open prairie.
The moose are everywhere in SK. how, but, for me, it still seems odd to see them in the prairie areas.

All in all it was a nice Sunday afternoon.
I am always happy to be able to re-visit these areas of LML and to have avoided the skunk.  I am eager to see what my next trip out will bring. ;)

May 29th.
I am off for some late afternoon early evening shore fishing around the Fishing Lake area.
I am going to try the area I went to the first day, in early May.

Near the lake I spot a pair, of what looks to be, yearling cow moose. 8)

They are tucked up in small stand of white poplars, out of the wind.

They show no fear, and I watch them for 10 min or so, before they slowly wander deeper into the trees.

I get to my spot at 3:00pm and was just getting my gear out when close by, a large clap of thunder is heard. I quickly hop back in the vehicle. :o
A large ominous thunder cloud, with rain poring out of it is heading my way. So I move off to try another spot to the E at Whitesand / Pelican Lake.
This does not work either, and after just a few casts, the large thunder cloud catches up and rains on me again.  
I finally just decide to wait it out and fish afterwards for a while. This does take some time, but, eventually the storm passes and I am once again back at the spot I was going to try in the first place.

The weather was a lot more inviting now, with a mix of sun and cloud, temps at + 19 deg C / 66 deg F and wind from the W to NW.
At least the wind will keep the mosquitoes at bay.

There were no other anglers around so I set up and fished from 4:50pm - 7:45pm.

It was a nice late afternoon / early evening with a good amount of animal life around.
The cattails and reeds were a chatter with the songs and sound of red wing and yellow head black birds, coots, gulls and various duck and grebe species could also be heard. As the sun got a bit lower in the sky, small herds of white tail and mule deer came out to feed on the surrounding fields. :)

The water in that area had dropped a lot since the last time I was there in early May and it had cleared also.
I was now able to see the bottom, and possibly fish, if they were around.

I saw a few fish (pike) around, but it took a while to get them to bite. The first strike was around 6:00pm. I saw a pike swimming toward me and then stop to rest not too far from me. I cast past it and then brought my spoon past it twice more without it even moving.  On the third cast, I tried fluttering the spoon when I got close the the resting pike, again, the fish didn't move, but, another one that I had not seen did. All I saw was a dark flash moving in from the right hand side, inhale the spoon, and turn back the way it came. This one was a bit smaller than the intended fish, but, hey, it's action.

The next pike came at 7:08pm and the 3rd at 7:45pm. I packed up after that.

The results. ;D
Pike 1.

Pike 2.

Pike 3.

All 3 fish were quite acrobatic, leaping fair distances either straight up or off to the side multiple times before being netted. They all went back after the photos.
All the fish seemed to prefer the action of the Len Thompson spoons.

In conclusion what looked to be a nasty afternoon turned out not bad after all. ;D


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Re: Fishing fun.
« Reply #121 on: Sep 19, 2016, 03:40 PM »
Hi all,
Here are my fishing reports for the months of June & July. ;D

My first trip out this June was on the 6th.
Did some shore fishing from 4:30pm to 9:00pm at my usual spot on Fishing Lake.

It was a great afternoon / evening out by the water.
There was a mix of sun and cloud. Temp. was a nice +24 deg C /75 deg F, with just a light breeze from the ENE.
The lake had only small ripples and occasional waves from passing boats that were out fishing or joy riding.

I chatted with one fisher said that the pike fishing had been not too bad so far this season, but, for the last few days, the fishing, in general, had been slow.
They said that the walleye were not really around there right now either, and, had only caught 1, in that area. :-\

The bird life was ever present with black headed gulls, herring gulls, purple martins, tree swallows, robins, house / Jenny wrens, song sparrows, various species of ducks and Canada Geese.
To top it all off, every once in a while, a call of a loon could be heard echoing across the lake.

The fish (all pike) were around, but, not overly aggressive.   
I landed 4 pike, had 2 get off, 3 taps and seen 7 fish follow.

The water was so clear ( with the help of my sunglasses) that I could see the pike following from a fair distance out. For the most part, they would stay close behind the lure and would turn just at the last second near my feet close to the shore. A few would move out a ways and settle themselves on the bottom, in ambush mode, but still they would not take what I offered them.

Here are my first 2 fish of the day. They are also the 2 biggest. :)
First fish.

The 2nd fish was short and stocky. It must have been eating well - had a bulging belly.

All 4 pike went back.

The fish went for Len Thompson spoons and Salmo Zipper lipless rattle bait.

Overall it was a good way to spend an afternoon.
It's not that often that I see Fishing Lake that calm. The fish were a bonus.

June 11th.
It's evening and I am passing by Fishing Lake. I have a bit of time so I stop to do some shore fishing.

The weather that evening looks questionable with dark cloudy skies that look threatening. :unsure:

The temp was not too bad at + 19 deg C / 66 deg F, and, there was some wind from the S.

The water was a bit stirred up, but not bad.

I set up at 8:30pm and fish until 9:00pm.

It was not too long ( 10 min or so) before the fish let me know they were around.
I felt a tap and the fish let go. I let lure sink and gave it a few flutters, BAM!, fish on again.
It was a pike and would be the only one that evening.

A while later I had another strike and wrestle in a walleye. First one of the season for me, nice.

A bit of time passes and I get another hit, set the hook, and land another walleye.

By now it's apparent that a thunder storm is indeed off in the distance.  I think the fish also feel the storm coming as the bite really turn on.  I get back to back casts, hooking and landing 3 more walleye. The storm gets closer.  Some good shots of fork lighting force me to take cover.
It's now 9:30pm so I call it a day and continue home, pleased with the action I had for such a short time fishing.

The final results - 1 pike and 5 walleye. :)

All the fish that evening went for an FX Pelican Lures spoon and they all went back.

June 13th.
I am back shore fishing at Fishing Lake and hoping for more time.

The weather looks promising with mainly sunny skies, + 25 deg C / 77 deg F temps, and, fair wind from the W to NW, churning the water into white caps and foam lines.

It was a bit tough to cast, but I made it a challenge to try and see what would work in these conditions.

I fished from 2:30pm - 7:00pm.

As the afternoon wore on the wind began to slowly diminish and by home time it was almost calm.

At around 5:00pm 3 other shore anglers came down the beach.
They fished for an hour or so, and, in that time, I did see them land 1 fish for sure.

Fishing had been OK, I caught 1 walleye and 7 pike during my time out.
Some of the fish hit hard while others just felt like an extra bit of weight on the line and no more.
Once I set the hook they let me know in a hurry, that they were there.

Here are the first pike and walleye that day.  :)

Most of the other fish were in this size range as well.

The fish went for a mixed group of lures this time. They didn't seem content on one type, style or color. I would catch 1 or 2 fish on a lure, and that was it until I changed up again.
What they went for this time was Len Thompson dimpled series spoon ( this one casts well on a windy day), the regular Len Thompson spoons a Northland swimbait and double tail grub.

Again all the fish went back.

All in all these were a productive 2 days for me and I hope the action continues.

June 18th - I am back shore fishin' at Fishing Lake.

I put in a good afternoon and go from 3:40pm - 9:00pm.

The weather looked a bit iffy as it was cloudy and looked like it could rain, but, thankfully, it held off until 9:00pm.
There was some wind for a while from the N - NW and then it calmed right down half way through the fishing. The temp was + 23 deg C / 73 deg F.

There were a few jet skiers and boaters out and about. Most were just joy riding or water skiing, but, a few were fishing as they passed by.

A group of shore anglers set up beside me for 2 hours or so, and they landed a few fish.

I had a good day as well landing 7 pike and 1 walleye.
I also had one walleye that got off just as I was about to net it. I just ever so slightly dipped my rod tip as I went net it and that's all it needed to shake the barbless hook free.

Here are a few photos of the days action.
First fish of the day.

The one walleye I did land was 19.5" with a stocky build. :)

This pike was the big fish of the day at 27.5" and my biggest so far this open water season. 8)

It must have been eating well - looks full.

My last fish of the day was a pike. It was close to the big one, at 27".

I chatted with an angler who was just coming down to fish as I was leaving.
They said that just that morning a shore angler fought a pike that looked to be in the 20 lb rage into shore, only to lose it as they went to net it.  :whistling:
Man, that was too bad, but, good to know that there are still a few big ones in the shallows.

I had luck on the new glow Len Thompsons spoon in green and white and a Pelican lures bait fx spoon.
The 2 big pike and walleye went for a Northland lures swimbait that looked like a perch.

In the end I was happy that I found my 2 biggest pike and tied with my biggest walleye this season, all in on afternoon.
I think the approaching storm must have had them fired up.

This was the last day for me in June. Here's hoping that July is as good or even better.

Here are my reports for July.

I went out from July 1st to the 3rd.

Day.1 July 1st. (Canada Day).

On July 1st I went to the lake a bit later in the day in hopes of catching a few fish off shore and, staying into the eveing, to enjoy the local fireworks displays.

I got to the lake where I fished from 4:30pm - 5:00pm. Weather forecasts predicted some rain off and on for the weekend and it did come to pass.
The temp was cool at 15 deg C / 59 deg F and the wind was from the S to SW.

The rain started around 4:40pm so I put on a rain jacket and kept fishin', but I had to quit when the winds got up.
My family and I then went for the first time to the newly reopened Fishing Lake Lodge to eat. It was great. ;D

At 8:40pm this rainbow let us know it was over and getting nicer again.

I did a bit more fishing off shore to 10:00pm. Then the fireworks started.
The fireworks were were nice, but not quite as many around the lake this year as in the past.

The fishing was good for the time I had, and, I was able to land 8 pike and 2 walleye. :)

Day.2 July 2nd.
I was back again the next day.  The skies still looked stormy.  I was going to take the boat out, but, though I would fish off shore for a bit and see if conditions changed.
At 6:00pm the action had not been too exciting, so I decided to launch the boat.

It turned out to be a decent late afternoon / evening with temps +19 deg C / 66 deg F and some wind from the S - SE.

I fished from 6:15pm -  9:17pm and had good fishing. I would locate fish on the screen and then slowly troll through the area. The bites were fairly consistent and I was able to net 12 walleye and 1 pike.  :)

I was checked by 2 conservation officers. They looked at my license and checked to make sure I was using barbless hooks. They also asked if I was keeping any of the fish.
After the check, they wished me good fishing and were off.

As I came in for the night, I saw someone setting up fireworks not too far down the beach so I quickly unloaded the boat and stayed for the show.
They were nice fireworks that really put on a good show for all.
A good way to end the day, with a bang,lol. :w00t:

Day.3 July 3rd.
I returned to Fishing Lake and was out in the boat again for the late afternoon / evening bite. I would try the same strategy I used last time and see if it worked again.

The morning was a bit rainy, but the afternoon was better, with cloudy to partly cloudy skies, temps at +23 deg C / 73 deg F, and, a light wind from the W - SW.
The fish were biting!  I tries using that same trolling technique, but this time trying various depths.  In the end, I was able to net 13 walleye and 2 pike. :)

Smile for the camera!

Over the 3 days the other anglers out and about seemed to be having good luck as well, both off shore, and, from their boats.

When fishing off shore, the fish went for Storm wildeye swimbaits, Len Thompson spoons and Pelican lures spoons. In the boat, I used crankbaits like the Storm rattle tot and a Berkley flicker shad.

All in all despite the unsettled weather the fishing this long weekend was good and I was happy to find 11 pike and 27 walleye.:azn:
Here's hoping the bite continues on in July.

I hope all of you had a good Canada Day long weekend & 4th of July long weekend as well.

The next series of fishin' reports are for July 15th, 16th and 17th, all at Fishing Lake.

Day 1 July 15th.
I was at the lake and out in the boat by 6:30pm, fishing to 8:50pm.

It was a nice late afternoon /evening out on the water with the temps at +26 deg C / 79 deg F, sunny skies and just a light wind changing from N - NW.

There was alot more algae in the water this time - it looked like a green carpet.

Before long, I had fish action, and, the bite kept going the whole time I was out.

At the end of the day I netted 15 pike and 4 walleye, by trolling.

Day 2 July 16th.
I was eager to try the lake again after the luck I had before, so I was out on the water again from 12:30pm - 4:30pm, stopping for a bite to eat and then out again from 6:30pm - 9:00pm.

It was a nice sunny day with temps at +24 deg C / 75 deg F and winds from the N - NW, picking up a bit near evening.

Thick algae growth made it really hard to see more than a few inches down into the water.

Despite this thick algae carpet, it turned out to be another good fishing day, and I picked up 7 pike and 10 walleye the first time out. The 2nd time out 5 more pike and 4 walleye were caught and netted. Both fish species were hitting hard and putting up decent fights.

After unloading the boat for the night I thought I would give a few more casts off shore, just for one more bite. I am glad I did.  On my 3rd cast I had a hard hit that I though must be a pike, but, this one felt funny, with no tell tail pike head shakes - it was a walleye, and, a decent one at that. Just as the light was fading I netted the fish. It was a nice chunky walleye at 23.1" long, my biggest not only this season, but, for a few seasons now. :w00t:

After a quick photo and measurement, it shot off from the shore, back to the depths.

I ended my day after that.

Day 3 July 17th.
I had to test my luck again for a 3rd day, but, with rain predicted, I decided that I would fish off shore.

I shore fished from 2:40pm - 5:50pm.

The afternoon was a mix of sun and cloud with a fairly light wind from the N and temps at +21 deg C / 70 deg F.

The fishing was decent from my usual spot and the fish bit with some regularity.
The final total for the afternoon was 9 pike and 4 walleye.

Over the 3 days I saw folks from shore and out in boats have good luck on both pike and walleye as well.

While boat fishing I trolled, drifted and cast rattling crankbaits from Berkley, Storm, Bomber and Matzuo.
When I was on shore I had luck on both Berkley and Yum swimbaits.

Here are a few fish photos from out of the boat. :azn:

In conclusion I had a fun and relaxing 3 days. I am happy that I could hook into and release 36 pike and 23 walleye.

I hope this hot bite continues.

July 22nd.
I am back at fishing Lake to fish from shore.

The temp was +24 deg C / 75 deg F with a fair N wind and a mainly sunny sky.

I fish from 5:15pm to 9:00pm.

It was slower off shore this time, but still was able to find 2 walleye before I left.
This walleye went for a dark Big Hammer swimbait.

July 25th.
The whole family and I get to the lake where we decided to do a bit of boating in the warmer part of the afternoon and fish for a bit later on.
It's a nice day on the water with the family  from 12:30pm  - 4:30pm.

The weather was sunny with the wind coming from the N, NW and finally switching to the NE. The temp was +24 deg C / 75 deg F, but with the humidx it felt warmer than that.

I fished for about an hour after our outing, and, in that time, caught 4 walleye and 2 pike.

Some photos from the time out on the water. :)

Even though it was a bit slower action, at least I still found a few and was able to give the family some fun on the water too.

July 30th.
The last report for July. I am out in the boat, testing my luck at Fishing Lake.

It's a hot one out on the water this time, with temps at +26 deg C / 79 deg F, and, with the humidx, it was in the mid +30 deg C / 86 deg F.
A light wind from the SW. switching to SE didn't help cool things down all that much. Thankfully there was a mix of sun and cloud.

The lake was very green now with algae bloom, reminding me of green felt. :blink:

Since it was the Aug. long weekend  (Saskatchewan Day), the lake was quite busy with good numbers of water skiers, jet skiers, tubers and pleasure boaters mixed with the anglers.

The bite had slowed alot since last time out.  Maybe it was due to warmer temps, moon phase or barometer, but, whatever the factor, they were not too interested.
I could see good schools of fish on the screen, but they were not biting. :unsure:
It took quite a few lure changes to find something that worked.
In the end I did find 2 walleye on a Storm rattle tot.

Here is a photo of 1 of the 2 walleye.
This one had both it's dorsal fins quite messed up. :blink:

Not sure what happened to this walleye, as there were no scars on it's back indicating it was attacked. ???

The few folks I talked to said they has similar luck or no luck at all.
One angler said that his surface temp sensor on his fish finder read 29 deg C  / 85 deg F.  That is really warm for this lake, too warm actually.  It's great for swimmers and water skiers and such, but, not so good for anglers or the fish. I hope this lake don't experience a summer kill. :P

Hopefully the fish start biting a bit better again, but, I have found in the past, that August can sometimes be a bit slower month on average.
I am very happy though with the action I have had so far this summer and am ready to see what comes next. ;D



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Re: Fishing fun.
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 nice work w.w.  i hardly got out this summer but had great luck when i did.  thanks for the pics!
got a fish on the line and my boat on the water
and it's gettin' near time to take the cows to the slaughter

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Re: Fishing fun.
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Thanks ran7ger, good to hear you had great luck when you went out. 8)

Hi all,
Here is a brief recap of my fishing from last Aug. (2016) to freeze up and the largest of each species I found. ;)

In Aug I went fishing 6 times, sometimes from the boat, and, sometimes from shore at Fishing Lake.
Good numbers of pike and walleye were caught and released.
I was even able to try Little Fishing Lake (a little lake off of the main lake). for an hour or so one afternoon.

In Sept. I got away twice to Fishing Lake.  Fishing was good for both species (pike and walleye).

In Oct. I got out 5 times. The pike were still biting, but, the walleye were more scarce, or, not hungry.

I went out one last time, in the boat, on the 6th of Nov. This was the latest I'd ever been boat fishing.  It was a good day with calm waters and hungry pike.
In just a few hours  I boated 18 pike, from the shallows to deeper water.

This is on of my larger walleyes for the 2016 open water season. :)

I tried carp fishing once this past open water season as well.
On Aug. 21st I hit the shores of Last Mountain Lake for the afternoon.

It was hot and sunny with a light wind.

I set up along the shore not to far from another angler who was also targeting carp. He had recently moved from the United Kingdom to SK.
We chatted about fishing off and on all afternoon. He was  fishing with a full style European / English carp setup.
It was interesting to watch him use all his gear, from the castable bait dispenser, (I think he called it a spod), that launched his ground bait way out into the lake, to the hair trigger detection of his bite alarm system. In the end he caught 2 carp, one of which was a double header with me.

I finally caught what I think is a decent carp.

On my previous attempts they were only a few lbs.

This one weighed 12.5lb and gave me one heck of a fight with several long line peeling runs and lots of short ones. It was tricky to net on my own.

The new pb carp. :w00t:

After a quick photo and weight measurement, it went back.
Once back in the water, it tore off with gusto for the depths.

To weigh the fish, I kept it in the net, and, hooked my scale into the top of the net. I then subtracted the net's weight from the total.
This seemed to be a good method for weighing bigger fish without hurting them.  The angler beside me used that method as well, except he had a sling to weigh the fish in.

I used a hair and bolt rig with corn as bait, and, I chummed the water with handfuls of corn, to attract them.

My largest pike of the season was caught on Oct. 23rd, while fishing in very thick fog. I have not fished in such dense fog before, so, this was a neat experience.

Fishing off shore I caught several pike before the big one hits.
On one of my casts I get a bit of weed on the lure,so, am dabbling it on the surface, trying to get the weeds off. That's when she lunges, and hits with only 4 feet or so of line from the rod tip.
That strike catches me off guard and she almost makes me lose my balance. I regain my footing and get ready for battle. She gives me battle with lots of good runs and even once she warped around the legs of the dock I was on. My buddy makes several attempts to net her, but she is able to avoid it or twists out of the net each time.  I need a bigger net,lol.
Finally she is netted and curls into it. I hold her in the water while my buddy goes for the scale and I weigh her in the net the same way I did for the carp - easier on the fish.
After deducting the weight of the net, she came in at 24 lbs.

She is now my new pb pike and largest fish in general that I have caught to date. ;D

After a few quick photos I lower her gently back into the water and gaze at her one last time before she shoots off like a torpedo towards shore and then back into the gloom.  WOW ! :o



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