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Author Topic: Finally Broke the Streak  (Read 356 times)


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Finally Broke the Streak
« on: May 09, 2021, 04:52 PM »
Lately, I've been doing better with "away" than "home" games - - i.e., I've caught trout on rivers in mid-Berkshire County but not on the any of the three branches of the Hoosic in my own neck of the woods in northern Berkshire County.

At first, this afternoon's fishing made it look like my streak was going to continue, but in the end I caught my first trout on the Hoosic since last December.

The weather was similar to yesterday's - - partly sunny and cool, but just a bit sunnier and warmer (with a high of 58 rather than 55 degrees).

I headed east over the mountain on the Mohawk Trail to check out the Cold River by the Black Brook bridge in Savoy.

On my first cast in the second run that I tried, I hooked and landed a 13" rainbow.

I fished for another half hour without any other strikes, so I drove back west to North Adams, and decided to give the North Hoosic (which I unsuccessfully explored yesterday) another go.

I didn't find any fish on the stretch of the North Hoosic from Natural Marble Bridge State Park to the Beaver Mill bridge.

But, by climbing into the maw of the chasm below the Natural Marble Bridge on Hudson Brook (which feeds into the North Hoosic) and casting upstream, I did manage to reel in a 10" brown.

Then, a bit closer to downtown North Adams, I fished the stretch of the North Hoosic below the Eclipse Mill dam, and caught a stubby (short but stout) 11" rainbow immediately below the dam.


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Re: Finally Broke the Streak
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2021, 07:35 AM »
Sounds like things are starting to pick up!


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