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Thanks for that great reply...

Well clark you almost nailed it on the head but i would have said the same thing a year or two ago.  We caught over 900 lake trout last year from Keuka and Cayuga. We like you use as you said 3/4 oz to 1 oz white jig heads with white tube jigs this acts as a wounded sawbelly or alewife. We use a trolling motor to keep vertical as you said. But I most like to fish when the sawbellys are spawning in 30 to 60 FOW. We do fish up to 120 FOW but the sallower the better. I used to like to jig right on the bottom but we got a new Lawrence fish finder and we can see the fish come right off the bottom we have had more luck dropping to the bottom or 5 ft from the bottom and winding up we watch the fish hit on the screen its a ton of fun. We still do jig when the fish are not very active. we used to troll too but when you can catch 100 fish in a day you know you have the right system.

I always find that you can catch more by jiggind than trolling. Plus you aren't wasting as much gas.

I am a firm believer in jigging lakers, plus I just love jigging. I use tube jigs tipped with sucker meat most of the time. I haven't tried many other lures or jigs, but I love to jig lakers, wouldnt have it any other way

Check out the Shimano's Butterfly Jigs and their knock offs, tough to beat the action...

Neptune, if part of the hassle anchoring deep is bring up the anchor from the depths, try a "Anchor Retrieval Ball". It is a system that (if you make it up your self) is cheap and easy. If you have not heard of the system, there are lots of videos on YouTube...

Great posts everyone!!!!


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