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that is a good spot plus muddy bottom deep holes

ive been catching bullhead on the ice all season.i must have caught and kept,25 0r better. i love to eat them.

I wanted to go but fish them through ice but now the ice is unsafe & it is not yet open water, come on warmer weather. In the past the only time I went to fish as soon as the ice was out for bullheads they were really small ones only around 4 inches long is there a special reason for that you think where they the newborns ?

danny b:
Tons of em the in delta lake ny, all on the backside of the lake. We were catching them on plastic lizards bass fishing one day.


--- Quote from: smokey on Mar 19, 2013, 05:14 PM ---So where would someone go to fish them in the spring? Since I was young, I've always used the "have fun at a bonfire" method in the middle of the summer. I live on a lake where I'm told there is a decent bullhead population.

So should I people hanging out at the mouth of a tributary, or what?

--- End quote ---

They taste much better from the colder water... Easier to locate too as they move into spawning areas


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