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What's the oddest way you have caught a bullhead?

Mine was trolling a big crankbait at 4mph for muskie in 40 feet of water.

Wonder what he was thinking ;D ;D. Looks like he got all the hooks. It's not too terribly weird but I caught them floating a fly down the Owasco outlet in Port Byron, NY from the Rochester Street bridge.

Last day of ice fishing this year, I caught two on ice ants tipped with maggots. I have also caught them on crankbaits while trolling for walleye.

Pitching a 5'' chub in a fastwater spillway fishing for walleyes. Trolling the bottom of a river in late oct. and snagging one off the bottom.

After a torrential rain storm, with creeks rushing higher and faster than I have ever seen them before. We were fishing off a road tube with water just pouring through it. Water chocolate brown from the swollen creek. The Bullhead hit like a freight train in water so fast moving, I did not think a fish could negotiate the current as the stream water flowed into this small reservoir.

Have also caught them on a Rapala red and white lure. First one came as quite a surprise, as I had thought them to solely be bottom feeders. As the years have gone on, I have learned this to be fairly commonplace.



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