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Author Topic: My Dance Card Was Supposed to be Full Today, but . . .  (Read 501 times)


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an opening came up when one of my other commitments was cancelled, so I was able to go fishing this afternoon after all.

I fished the "Jungle" section of the South Hoosic in Cheshire from 1 to 2:30 PM.

The weather was mostly sunny and pleasantly warm (75 degrees) and the streams levels about average.

I caught two decent (9" and 10") brookies, about where South Brook enters the South Branch, and a half dozen similar sized dace.

Unfortunately, the larger brookie was injured - - I tried letting it go, but it ended floating belly up, so I ended up retrieving it and keeping it for dinner.

Yesterday, a buddy of mine gave me some arugular from his garden - - which I'd never had before, 

He said it was pretty "astringent" (his words - - although having tried a piece raw, I'd have to agree) and that frying it would tone it down, so that's what I did tonight when I had it as the side dish to my brook trout, along with a salad and a glass of dandelion wine.


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Re: My Dance Card Was Supposed to be Full Today, but . . .
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Always nice when that happens.


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