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Need help on the big lake

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Ok, so this year I'm really going to start focusing on catching salmon instead of lakers. I have a big enough boat to take onto the big ponds, downriggers, dipsies, outboard planers, and a decent selection of crankbaits, spoons, flashers, etc.

However, I dont really know WHERE to go to find the fish. I've always relied on dumb luck in the past, but I think its time I figure out what these fish want and where they hang out at different times of the year. I've been doing pretty good on Coho, but I'm really looking for information on King/Chinooks than anything else. I'm fishing Lake Superior...should be about the same as any other lake. Help is appreciated!

My best advice (since I fish Lake Ontario) is to ask a local charter captain. 

munising,marquete,and the keewanaw bay.expect a slower catch rate than from lk. mich or ont.but they are there.


 salmon perfer water temps of 54-56 degress, but will feed outside of that temp range. good luck on your trolling

billybono:   here is a basic primer you will find usefull



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