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Hey hows it goin? Me and my buddy are headed down to the DC area tomorrow tuesday the 18th. We are only staying for a couple days ,but we're going to try to do some bass fishing, whether it be large mouth, or stripers. Just wondering if anyone could point us in the direction of some decent fishing spots this time of year. We are looking to either cast and real off of a river or lake. Or surf cast off from a beach. We'd really appreciate any suggestions. Also, we are bringing our own rods and tackle, so we are just looking for a good place and maybe some bait shops in the area.
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I am thinking going to the chessapeake

I am thinking going to the Chesapeake  in the spring for perch and don't have a clue where to go. I will be coming down form the Poconos and would like to know the nearest area. I have a 16 foot boat with a 25 hp motor

Go further south to the Wacheprague or chincoteague areas and flounder fish. Some years itís late March, but usually early April, unless unseasonably cold, the run is on. Sometimes, theyíre all up on the shallow flats in 3-4 fow and itís fun light jigging


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