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The Bay in a Kayak?

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yak fising is lots of fun

Doesnít look like much action on this site but I just found it so what the heck. To belatedly respond to your questions, yeah you can find keeper rock in those areas during certain times of the year. I prefer to go a bit further south and fish the mid Bay Area like Chrisfield. More consistent fishing for rock, and there you get into specks, and occasionally reds. If youíre  more adventurous, you can hit cape Charles and then things get real interesting. There, youíre essentially fishing oceanic water and the number of species goes way up. If youíre intersted in sharks, thatís the place for you. Ive fished my yak out of kiptopeake for cobia a couple times, and you be weeding your way through plenty of sharks and rays before you get attached to a cobia. Hope this helps



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