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Warning: Maryland Bans Felt Soled Shoes

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Fat Boy:
On March 22nd, the State of Maryland banned the use of felt soled wading shoes.  For a while, they will issue warnings, but the fines could be steep once they decide to stop.  There's a link in the article on what to use instead.  This pertains to both tidal and non-tidal.  Your state could be please take note if you're planning on purchasing wading shoes. 

Here's a link to the article:

Here is something to help with an alternative:

Welcome to our world...Vermont banned them a few years back, along with very restrictive baitfish laws and no lead split shot...
Sign of the times...

But is the barn door already open?

 Meanwhile waterfowl/wading birds are free to fly from waterway to waterway with no restrictions   ::)


--- Quote from: icemole on Apr 11, 2017, 06:30 AM --- Meanwhile waterfowl/wading birds are free to fly from waterway to waterway with no restrictions   ::)

--- End quote ---

Someone needs to make a law that they can't do that and they will be fined and incarcerated if they do!  ;D

Sorry couldn't resist.  

I do get your point.

The feds made testing for a virus mandatory on fish farms in the Great Lakes region. Never mind it's never been found on a fish farm and probably never will be. Meanwhile it's source still goes unchecked -- ballast water from ships coming in from all over the world. I think we are up to 118 exotic fish, plants, mussels, zooplankton, viruses, etc. that have mostly come in with ballast water as far away as the Caspian Sea.


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