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Anyone fish pinks?

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slim slinger:
I was just wondering what everyone uses or finds works the best when fishing for pink salmon... i have done a bit in the past but not as much as chinooks and coho's...
hopefully this year i can get out and learn a lot more about these fish...
Thanks a bunch


I have fished for them before in Washington. We called them humpies. They were tough to catch because they are mostly plankton eaters. They would run in the numerous good sized rivers that dot the coastlines. I only actually caught them in Puget Sound, never could hit the runs right in the rivers.


slim slinger:
ive been fishing them here in ontario and i have been doing alright with buzz fish tho.....


Pixie spoons work the best, woth the pink inserts, They really like that pink color, I fished for them all summer adn found that these are what worked best.   

here is a real good batch of pinks before they got all colored up and ready to spawn

Heres a colored up male and a un colored up female,

slim slinger:
Sweet pics man!
I have been using cleos alot too but i am definitly going to use the pixie spoon...
i have a couple one orange, one green and i believe i do have a pink one..
Well i think i'll actually go try them out today!
i got 11 two days ago...i am currently waiting to finish the film then i am gettin a buddy to scan the pics for me so i can post the pics for everyone to see...
nothin great but they are still pics to look at! haha

also all the pinks are in their spawning colours ! almost trout looking...never caught a silver one around here....

again thanks and great shots



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