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perch pounder:
Who is going for suckers this year for cat bait?

I have been wanting to go for so time now but never gotten around to it  (something always comes up)

If you do go where is your "favorite " spot?  :-X ;D

I remember as a kid going to Cooks creek and netting suckers in the spring .

good question perch pounder, I was wondering were to get suckers around here, they are like cord wood in a few creeks North of the pas, but I have not heard of anyone netting them around brandon
check out the picture i posted on the main forum, its not my cat but what a monster

Trophy Hunter639:
I am going for suckers too and I already have a garbage bag full of tullibies collected off the ice . The suckers should be running in the assiniboine river near Brandon but I don't live around there. It also better to try to find a spot to net suckers from the same river you are going to fish for the cats :)

Cant wait to pull some monster cats out of the river!! ;D ;D ;D


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