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Are Kokanee salmon as hard to catch in the summer as they are in the winter ? What methods & baits do you use to Catch them in the summer? Any info would be a great help. Thanks !!!

Raleigh, in the lakes around here, especially blue mesa, they are nearly impossible to find. Although I have never tried, that is what I here.
Abandon this idea, sorry :'(

They Clobber a wobbler and worm rig in up-state ny..

I use a lake clear wobbler and a small gold hook. A 10ft. noodle rod with 4lb. line, run the wobbler 70ft. behind the boat. The speed of the boat is VERY importent!! Good Luck   8)

Got only one out of Glass Lake througth the ice. Thay are hard to get under the ice. Do better going out now!!!   Maybe next week I might try to get out on Glass. Trying to catch some strippers this week, no luck yet!! :-[


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