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Potomac River Walleye


Hit the dam today with a buddy. Not gonna lie we were there to do one thing one and it was to bass fish. After landing on a few small smallies I lucked into this fish. I pulled up to a spot and said we are gonna catch something here. It was a spot where a natural spring was pouring into the river along a steep rock bank. It was creating more current that usual. Normally a good spot to hammer smallies feeding up. Pitched a small worm in and the fish bit and the fight was on. It was a battle on 8lb line and I eventually landed it with the help of my buddy. The fish was released to be caught again. Here are a few pics ended up being a hair over 26 inches

Fat Boy:
That's a nice one Dave, congrats!

That's a slob congrats man  :thumbup_smilie: :thumbup_smilie:

nice waldo man, i figured youd be getting ready for deer season by now haha glad you got out


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