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When does do the suckers usually run relative to ice breakup on the lakes in the Whiteshell?  I have seen it a couple time by chance, but this year I want to go out and grab a few for baits for some leech traps and for ice fishing next year.

usually late may to early june on most lakes in the southern fishing division. creeks and small rivers with enough fish to walk on in places. great laker and northern bait.  :P :P

Trophy Hunter639:
Also great catfish bait to  ;) ;D

Cool, thanks guys.  I'll keep my eyes open in mid may, let you know when I notice them starting to run.

big walleye:
[ 8) 8) 8) trophy hunter please let me know when the suckers will be running on the Whitemud at Westbourne. I really need some for this upcoming channel cat season. Maybe you and I and my buddy grump can join for a day of sucker hunting. 8) 8) 8)


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