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I have yet to catch a laker (I am a walleye fisherman) and want to go for them in the spring while they are shallow.  Are there any good lakes for lake trout that would be ice free before the regular season opens?  Davidson comes to mind, but I dont' know how good it is.  Also, I'm not opposed to going into Ontario, but don't really know where to go there either.

crow (kakagi) lake north of nestor falls is my favourite. there are many other lakes that hold larger fish, but its my sentimental. hmmmmmmmm.........wonder if my wife would miss me early april???

big walleye:
 grump do you still have a wife after all that time on the hard water and computer ::) ::) ::) Oh that was hitting below the belt eh ;D ;D ;D

Hey Ash

 if you dont mind spending a few buck george lake is worth the trip check out the web site   lost of lakers in there or my fav. is clearwater up by the pas

 davidson not really worth it have a cottage in the area and not a lot of lakers ever pulled out of there

Clearwater by The Pas has my vote, huge pike also


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