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I got to go see Gord at the Victoria Inn tonight.  The topic of his talk was "How pros locate and catch fish fast".  He focused mainly on walleyes, but touched on pike, bass and lakers.  I must say that I learned a fair amount, but I guess I'll have to wait another couple of months before I can try out some of the new strats.  The big thing that suprised me was using large (I mean 5+ inches) soft plastic baits on those overcast days when you can't seem to buy a strike.  He said the only problem with these baits is locating them:  they are made for saltwater fishing, and it is almost impossible to buy them inland.  Oh well, I'm really looking foreword to this year now.

gord is a wealth of knowledge and nobody knows lotw better than him. the man is a walking fish locator and walleye master..grump


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