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I don't own a boat therefore i am limited to shore fishing most of the season.  I was wondering if there are any good spots to fish (from shore of course).  I prefer walleye but also target other species.  Fished the Red too many times from shore! Any suggestions would be apprieciated.

big walleye:
You can try the whitemud river at Lynch's point. there is also the Portage Diversion. How about fairford river or lake manitoba narrows.If I think of any more i will let you know. ;)

Thanks Big Walleye.  Where exactly is the Portage diversion, and Lynch's Point.  I haven't explored that part of the province too much.  Thanks again.

big walleye:
the portage diversion is just south of Portage la Prairie. It is on the south side of the #1 highway. Lynch's point is north of westbourne .  8) 8) 8)


Hey fishing_person I am in the same "boat" as you are  ;D also limited to of shore fishing. If you have not tried the portage diversion yet it is an awesome spot for early walleye my bigest last year was 24 1/2 inch. Aslo the assiniboine river has some great spots around portage as well. My friend and I were fishing in about 3 feet of water if that and he caught a 42 inch northern pike. Great catfish and carp fishing spot as well. I like the diversion because there is so many species you have a chance to catch even tho you only fish for walleye, it's almost like a kinder egg  ;D a new surprize every time.   ;) This spot dies in late summer tho the only thing you will be able to catch it cat's. Or at least it has bin for me specially last year with the water level's very very low.

Fishing is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gone get!!


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