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Author Topic: Only a Little Better, but Still Gratifying  (Read 758 times)


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Only a Little Better, but Still Gratifying
« on: Aug 26, 2022, 09:01 PM »
In my last post, I complained that my most recent fishing outing had proved disappointing despite the rain that we've had recently.

Tonight, I was able to leave work a bit early and get out on the South Branch of the Hoosic for about an hour before dinner, and took lowaccord's advice by departing from my bait-fishing level were up modestly (but still noticeably) since the last time I got out.

I waded downstream along the lower end of my milk run (from the Old Stone Mill to ALADCO), and my experiment with artificials yielded sligthly better success than my last "bait only" outing on the upper portion (from Mullen Mayflower to the footbridge) of that stretch of the river.

At first, I stuck with my usual "bait only" approach - - since the conditions  (i.e., fairly small holes/runs) along that part of the river seemeed to lend themselves to "dabbing" and "short drifts"  (at least I think that's the flyfishing terminology) with night crawler segments.

The crawlers earned me two small "taps" (one from a small brookie where Dry Brook flows in), but no solid strikes.

As I got further downstream, however, and came across some longer runs, I felt comfortable switching over to a Mepps spinner, which netted me  two rainbows: a decent 13" specimen by Elm Rock and a brawny 17" one behind ALADCO.

(I also had another rainbow "follow" my lure  in, not once but twice, before turning away at the last moment, at Elm Rock, and briefly had another fish on at ALADCO before it slipped the hook and got away).

So, all in all, I have to acknowledge that, despite my bias in favor of natural bait, artificial lures can indeed perform as well if not better when the conditions are right.

The only unfortunate feature of tonight's experience was that the larger rainbow swallowed my lure so deeply and bled so badly from the gills that there was no point in releasing it.

So I made the best of a bad situation by keeping the fish (which is a relative rarity for me) and giving it to a friend.

Alas, I have a full plate this weekend, and don't expect to be able to go fishing again before I have to resume the daily grind on Monday (insert "crying" emoticon here), so I'm afraid tonight's experience will have to tide me  over until the next time I can get out.


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Re: Only a Little Better, but Still Gratifying
« Reply #1 on: Aug 28, 2022, 06:39 AM »
Sounds like a great day to me!
Wicked Wec


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Re: Only a Little Better, but Still Gratifying
« Reply #2 on: Aug 28, 2022, 07:42 AM »
Jim thats a great trip.  Glad the meps got some action.  I havent fished all weekend either and feel your pain.


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